We believe that true health is not just physical, but is also cultural and social.

Cultural Health

We believe that to be truly healthy, a person must be able to connect with whatever nourishes them at a deep level, whether it be religion, spirituality or simply an ethos which helps them to navigate and makes sense of their world.

Social Health

It’s well known that if we experience an emotional trauma in our life, such as bereavement, illness or relationship break-ups, our physical and mental health can suffer greatly. It’s also widely held that affirming emotions such as love, joy & the feeling of connectedness with family and friends can help to alleviate and, in some cases, contribute towards remission of physical and mental illnesses. We are not machines which can be put right with a simple cause and effect model of chemical input, but beings which are complex beyond imagination, in many different realms.

Physical Health

We believe that our physical health is only one aspect of our overall well-being and that whilst keeping our bodies physically healthy is very important, so too is nurturing our spiritual and emotional health which feeds into our physical health. Indeed, all three are inter-connected. And so whilst we can support our physical health by, for instance eating good quality, organic food wherever possible, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest, we also need to pay as much attention to our emotional and spiritual well-being, if we are to be truly healthy.

We also believe that this three-foldness is reflected in every aspect of our lives from how we work, to our relationships and where we find meaning in our lives.

One aspect of three-foldness that we have been exploring is in the world of work.

Three’s Company

We are part of Three's Company, an initiative exploring the threefold nature of businesses & organisations – social, cultural & economic.

Three’s Company evolved out of the work of Nature’s Laboratory, a company in Whitby, North Yorkshire which researches and makes natural medicines and skincare.

The ethos of Three’s Company is that to be truly healthy, organisations must support the three dimensions of their being – social, economic & cultural. Unless all three are in balance, an organisation and therefore the people who work within it will not experience true health.

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