Community Library

The Dispensary runs a community library with books on all aspects of health- physical, social & cultural. You need to be a member of our community to borrow books, but it’s free to join and open to anyone. Please click here to join The Dispensary community.

Our range of topics include spirituality, religion, philosophy, politics, natural and complementary health, nature and the environment, food and cooking plus more. During the pandemic we were unable to operate our book borrowing facility, but we hope to offer this again soon. All our books are logged online, and you can search our catalogue of books for a subject or author and find out more about the content of the book.

If you’d like to borrow the book, you’ll need to ring us and arrange to call in and collect it. We don’t have a strict time limit on borrowing but encourage our members to return books as soon as they have finished reading them so that they are available for someone else.

Click here to search the library.