Partnership Working

Common Cause Community Interest Company runs The Dispensary not for profit community health project and is all about living in balance in each of the spheres of our life, socially, culturally and economically. We are committed to working as a part of our community. In the Dispensary health shop, we stock local products, from locally produced natural medicines and supplements to locally produced vegetables, honey from local beekeepers, artwork and cards from local artists and crafts from local craftspeople, in addition to a whole range of foods and products from further afield.

We want to share and work together with others who share our ethos.

Our Partnership Working with Nature’s Laboratory

Local company Nature’s Laboratory is working with us fulfilling its ethos of supporting local community-based organisations which are committed to supporting health in its widest sense.

Nature’s Laboratory funds the paid staff for The Dispensary shop and also supports Common Cause in other skills-based ways through, for instance, IT and marketing support.

Partner with Us

Does your organisation or company share our Common Cause ethos of working to balance our health in these three-fold areas of social, cultural and economic health?

If so, why not get in touch and we can have a chat about how we might work together!

Here are some ideas of how partnership working might look:

  • You might be a business or organisation who would like to volunteer some time to help with an area of your expertise that could benefit Common Cause, such as fundraising, or actually volunteer help in the shop or in one of our other developing projects.
  • Common Cause may be able to support you in various ways, for instance by raising awareness of your organisation or providing some work experience in an area that would widen your team’s experience and skills.

These are just ideas – every organisation and situation is different, so why not get in touch for a chat and we can see what’s possible.

We are working towards creating a beneficent cycle, where we support each other and together build a better, more balanced and more sustainable future.

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