Why the Climate Crisis Is a Health Crisis and How Action on the Climate Will Benefit Health Too

Why the Climate Crisis Is a Health Crisis and How Action on the Climate Will Benefit Health Too

Interactive presentation followed by discussion/questions
Wednesday 28th June 7-8.30pm

At The Dispensary Shop, 25 Skinner Street, Whitby.
With Margaret Jackson

We are delighted to host this event with Margaret. It is FREE, but please book your place by emailing info@thedispensary.org.uk. Leaving your name and contact details.

Margaret is a GP who recently stepped back from clinical practice after working for nearly 30 years at Sleights and Sandsend Practice. She is now spending more time working in Planetary health (defined as "the health of human civilization and the state of the natural systems on which it depends") and GP training and she also co-facilitates Greener Practice North Yorkshire, a grouping of people in General Practice in North Yorkshire committed to sustainability.

According to the Lancet, "Climate change is the greatest global health threat facing the world in the 21st century, but it is also the greatest opportunity to redefine the social and environmental determinants of health" so this would be the focus of Margaret’s presentation.

Recently Margaret attended The Big One in London, a four-day protest from 21st -24th April. The event was organised by Extinction Rebellion & was supported by over 200 organisations including Greenpeace & Friends of the Earth, to hold the government to account on the lack of action to the climate and ecological crisis.

Here’s what Margaret had to say about the event:

“I cycled there (from Sheffield) with a group of other health professionals from Greener Practice- an organisation working to inspire sustainable primary care. We cycled for the joy of cycling and also because this was the perfect way to engage lots of different people in conversations about the climate emergency and how health is impacted.

There was a sizeable health presence at the Big One- doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, psychologists. Because it is increasingly clear that the climate crisis impacts health and health systems cause carbon emissions. Addressing both produces win-wins! And it is important that health professionals are seen to participate in such actions as we have social license.

But far more people attended the London Marathon than the Big One and the lack of mainstream media coverage was striking. Many of us have since lodged formal complaints with the BBC for their lack of coverage.

There are known solutions to this problem but actions being taken are wholly inadequate. By our leaders and by us all.

I am an optimist and have always believed that the best of human qualities will win out at the end of the day. But time is getting so short. Everyone needs to be involved in this struggle.

Chris Packham spoke at the march on Saturday afternoon. He said: “Our planet is in crisis and if we don’t take action then we will not protect that life, which includes us. One thing is clear and that is that we need to step up … We want every last person who cares to get involved because caring is not enough.”

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