Nature’s Laboratory shortlisted for The Yorkshire Sustainability Excellence Awards

Nature’s Laboratory shortlisted for The Yorkshire Sustainability Excellence Awards

From our friends at Nature's Laboratory.

The Yorkshire Sustainability Excellence Awards have been created to recognise the businesses and organisations in the region that are making permanent and positive changes to their environmental impact.

That can range from cutting energy use or moving to renewable sources, significantly reducing emissions or waste, or leading a broader group – which could be the supply chain, employees, occupiers, or industry peers – to use environmental goals as the main driver for change.

Nature’s Laboratory has been shortlisted in the category “Social Impact in Sustainability” and will be attending the awards ceremony at Swinton Park Thursday 18th April!

The judges will be looking for impact and outcomes, and evidence of a genuine commitment and culture to making a difference.

James Fearnley, CEO of Nature’s Laboratory was delighted at being shortlisted and explained:

“Natures Laboratory Ltd has, through ThreesCompany, explored and developed a three-dimensional concept of sustainability which includes environmental, economic, social and cultural values. It is now our conscious understanding that only with this threefold understanding, balance and motivation can we evolve the skills and resources that will enable businesses (and all organisations) to adapt and change in a climate of extreme unpredictability socially, culturally, and economically & environmentally."

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“Judging from the steady, stable and balanced progress of Natures Laboratory and of our pilot programme with ThreesCompany working with Academics, Businesses, Social and Cultural organisation, we believe we have developed a model that can help ourselves and other organisations step outside the one-dimensional rhythms which dominated for so long. The process of cooperation, collaboration, relationship building, and mutual help is making us many friends in many areas. It is making us a collaborating part of our community rather than a competing one and proving that collaboration and cooperation are a powerful stimulant and correlate of sustainability.”

The awards have been created by, in partnership with Clarion, Deloitte and the Swinton Estate.

Wish us luck!

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