Homeopathy Talk with Helen White - Tuesday 29th August 6:30pm - FREE but booking essential

Homeopathy Talk with Helen White - Tuesday 29th August 6:30pm - FREE but booking essential

We are delighted that Helen White (RSHom), a registered Homeopath, is coming to give a talk on homeopathy at The Dispensary Shop, 25 Skinner Street, Whitby, on Tuesday 29th August 6:30pm. The talk will be around 45 minutes to 1 hour with time for questions afterwards.

The talk is free but booking is essential. Please email us at info@thedispensary.org.uk with your contact details.

We asked Helen to tell us a bit more about her background and why she became a homeopath. Over to you, Helen!

“I work as a homeopath in Wakefield and Barnsley but do online appointments too.

I became interested in homeopathy about 30 years ago when I was suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I became ill with a virus and never recovered. That was until someone recommended I see a homeopath and I got well and went back to work as a teacher.

After that I did a first aid course in homeopathy near Leeds which led me to use homeopathy with my friends and family. Eventually I trained to be a professional homeopath at the Northwest College of Homeopathy in Stockport, Manchester. It takes 4 years to become a homeopath with many hours dedicated to case studies, clinic hours and prescribing for patients, under the supervision of an experienced homeopath. My dissertation was in Chronic Fatigue but I have other interests such as hormonal issues including the menopause and period problems. Most people do not realise how powerful homeopathy is at addressing these issues.

Homeopathy can be used for any condition. An initial appointment takes at least 90 minutes with the aim for me to find as much information as possible and match a remedy to their symptoms. The mental and emotional symptoms, the energy of the person, their likes and dislikes all play a part in selecting the right remedy.

This is a Helios basic 18 remedy kit, which is how I started my collection of remedies. It includes the 18 most common remedies with an information booklet on how and when to give the remedies. At The Dispensary talk on 29th August I will be talking about the remedies in this kit and how to give them in a first aid situation.“

Visit Helen's website here.

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