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The Jasper Cacao Project - Ceremonial Cacao 250g

The Jasper Cacao Project - Ceremonial Cacao 250g

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This Criollo Cacao is sourced from The Asháninka Tribes and farming communities located in Satipo in the central rainforest of Peru. 

The Criollo bean used in this ceremonial paste is known as one of the finest beans for ceremonial cacao first because of its great historical and spiritual lineage and also because the Theobromine is high and the beans are known for their high nutritional content and wonderful taste and aroma.

They are the rarest and most sought-after bean only equating to 3% of the global cacao bean growth.


Use ceremonial cacao in your everyday life for energy and nourishment:

  • For daily consumption in the form of beverages
  • For cacao ceremonies (in doses of approximately 42 grams per person)
  • For meditation, yoga and other heart centred activities
  • A high-calorie snack during hiking, walking and expeditions
  • Chopped up and sprinkled on food such as muesli
  • For tasty desserts or energy balls
  • A natural and nutrient dense pre workout energiser shot


This ceremonial cacao is full fat and has a wonderful, heavenly and prominent flavour profile.

It has a deep, rich and intense bitter chocolate flavour with hints of nuttiness along with citrusy floral notes.The texture is silky and smooth once melted making it a delightful addition to any recipe. As a drink it is heavenly, creamy and potent and has a nurturing and wholesome energy.


There's a number of great reasons to choose our Cacao, whether you're trying out its fantastic medicinal properties for the first time, or you're considering switching from another brand:

  • The beans are sourced from small, family run organic farms located in the Peruvian Amazon.
  • It has received EU BIO, NOP and COR certifications for its organic production.
  • The raw cacao is produced at temperatures never exceeding 42 degrees Celsius, preserving its natural flavours and nutritional qualities.


To prepare your Cacao in drink form, first cut the cacao into finely chopped small pieces. The size of the chopped-up cacao should be small pieces that are approximately one quarter of an inch. It can also be smaller than this but shouldn’t be bigger than this.

Once the cacao is chopped up, you can now add hot water to it and then use a whisk or preferably and hand blitzer to emulsify the cacao and water together to form a silky and bubbly liquid. Please note the water “should not” be boiling because the cacao could lose some of its nutrients. It needs to be approximately 60° C. 

You can experiment with the cacao to see how much water you would like to add to the cacao. If you would like it to be thicker, you wouldn’t add as much water.

So how much should you use? Follow our guidelines below using a small scale, teaspoon or measuring cup:


This is a small amount of cacao, for beginners.

This amount is recommended for people who are new to drinking cacao and for those who do not usually drink caffeine.

It can be used as a way to micro dose cacao. Some people use micro doses everyday, for example micro doses of cacao in the mornings.


This amount can be used for people who are more used to drinking cacao or caffeine products.

You will notice some of the stimulating and heart opening effects. 

LARGE: 25 - 35 GRAMS

This amount is used when someone is wanting to increase their creativity or to meditate.

Someone could take this amount during retreats before mild aerobic activity such as dancing or yoga.

This is a dose that could be given at a cacao ceremony. It can open the heart and bring a release.




  • Theobroma Cacao - 100% raw cacao / cocoa, Criollo variety.

Essential minerals / per 100g of Cacao:

  • Magnesium - 500mg
  • Copper - 3.79mg
  • Potassium - 1520mg
  • Iron - 13.9mg
  • Calcium 128mg


Theobroma Cacao - 100% raw cacao / cocoa, Criollo variety.



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